Portal of Alchemy

High Priesthood Training

Practitioner Course – Merkabah & DNA  Activation

Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend of spiritual growth I would recommend this to everyone on this planet earth. I would like to thank you so much for all the other information that you provided me with. the DNA Activation’s workshop was really incredible. The energies that we experienced while we were busy with the upgrades as well as holding space for each other, was truly beautiful.

If your soul and guides tell you do this training, that you are ready. Then do it immediately!

I cannot even begin to comprehend how this training has changed my life. I understand that everybody’s journey and soul purposes are different, but for me this was life changing process. I am so deeply connected to the cosmos and all it has to offer. I can hear its lightest whispers and I only listen to my intuition (gut instinct). As I begin my new path I know that the universe has my back and that I’m standing in my true power. This training has given me access to the tools that I needed, and if I need anymore, I’m able to download them at will.

Spirit was calling me to do this

I started with level 1 and kept moving up the levels, none were easy, it took you too your very core, to heal, release and grow.
But with each understanding, and new information, I was so grateful to be going through this process.