Portal of Alchemy

Thank you so much for Crystal Light Body Activation

It was so lovely to meet with you and thank you so much for Crystal Light Body Activation, I have been feeling amazing ever since. More at peace and keeping things in more, I also feel different in a wonderful way-more together and collected-if you know what I mean. also my relationship with food has changed, I am eating normally, like other people instead of being obsessed with food as I have for many many years. I keep getting bouts of laughter and I can feel my heart expanding at times. I am more conscious now about living in the now and feeling each moment. It’s all just simply amazing. I feel this is the me that should have felt my whole life. I am so blessed that I came across your website and you.

Thank you for helping me to turn my life around. I so look forward to my next meeting with you to do the DNA activation-to see where that takes me to.

Warmest regards and love to you ??? 

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