Portal of Alchemy

It cleared up so many questions I have regarding myself and others

I would absolutely recommend the Enneagram to everyone, whilst I’m still aware that not everyone is on the same learning plane, it clears up so many questions I have regarding myself and the people’s who’s numbers I immediately identified. Many people have been telling me why my relationships don’t work, and while I have always (mostly), as I’ve matured and grown through my journey, found myself to be grounded and fairly well balanced, I never grasped this idea of feeding to love myself more. I really didn’t know that I didn’t, or didn’t enough. The concept of projection was an a-ha moment for me, as a 2 I give off a very different message of being independent and not needy and therefore attracting neediness. My heart, despite me, yearns for love and I never understood how giving too much can be a sin. But after this weekend I am absolutely clear on how it has been to my detriment. I also understand the other people more clearly now and I cannot wait to go forward with the knowledge that I have now. (Type 2)

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