Portal of Alchemy

Phase 2 Pleiadian DNA Activation

Light Body and DNA Activation courses

Having experienced both one-to-one sessions and workshops with Fiona, I can truly say she is an amazing healer and workshop facilitator. Her training is well planned, and she is very knowledgeable. She provides comprehensive and very informative course material and notes. I learned so much and would highly recommend these courses and sessions to anyone wanting to raise their awareness, expand their knowledge, and lift their vibration


I thoroughly enjoyed this course & working with Fiona.  She is a sensitive, patient & understanding teacher. I have a curious mind & every question was respectively dealt with in detail. This was not just a course but a true awakening & tremendous inner growth. I am grateful & thankful with the understanding & knowledge I have gained

Practitioner Course – Merkabah & DNA  Activation

Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend of spiritual growth I would recommend this to everyone on this planet earth. I would like to thank you so much for all the other information that you provided me with. the DNA Activation’s workshop was really incredible. The energies that we experienced while we were busy with the upgrades as well as holding space for each other, was truly beautiful.

Fiona is a fantastic person to work with

I had the most amazing healing session with her. She is very pleasant and very empathic. Her understanding of your problems and her ability to make you see them clearly is amazing. Fiona is highly professional and most importantly has your interests at heart. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wishes to connect deeper with their higher selves.

When I had my DNA Activated

We cancelled soul contracts that no longer served me and began recalibrating to who I really was. I’ve always been connected to spirit, but this process took off the shackles that have enabled me to fly. Fiona always had time for me to do the work, I was never rushed or an inconvenience. She always held the space open and is an incredible facilitator of the process.

My experience with Fiona

However, after my three activations from Fiona, I now channel Ashtar with full awareness, and regularly. Also, after my second session with Fiona, I was activated to remembering that I am a light “blue-colored” high-vibration angelic being, from Sirius, that works with the “Office of Christ” to help further mankind with their connection to the One Source of All (God). During the session and the ones that followed, I glowed from the inside out illuminating the room.