Portal of Alchemy

You took me from the night of the soul for months back to joy

How is it that you can plug into spirit with SUCH accuracy!!!???

I am walking on a cloud!!

I drove home singing to every single song on the radio, I waved at everyone, my mind is so full of all the goodness that I didn’t even KNOW I had inside of me!!

My husband is SO happy as well…..

I got a small white board with some markers that I am going to put on my cupboard so I can see it the moment I get out of bed….until I get my money flowing and then I’m buying a HUUUUGE one!!! ???????

You truly are a blessing to EVERYONE!!

May God grant you every wish and may you be blessed  ABUNDANTLY with love and happiness!!

I already told a friend about this too, and he asked me to send your details to him…..he is in a very bad headspace himself.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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