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I woke up with way more energy than I’ve had in a long time

Hi Fiona,

I wanted to give you some feedback on happenings after Monday. Firstly, I woke up with way more energy than I’ve had in a long time.  When I breathe I can now take a full breathe in & out. I don’t feel like I can’t take enough air in or even yawn properly. I had so much creativity I redesigned my whole CV – now it really represents what I can do. A consulting firm sent me a link to a freelance agency they’ve opened up where I can market my specialist skills directly instead of hoping a recruiter will  represent me properly. I’ve redone my entire LinkedIn profile & applied to 5+ chief of data / similar roles. The biggest wow was this morning though. I’ve had a battle with SARS for 7 months on an outstanding tax rebate. This morning the literally called to apologize for all the trouble, paid my outstanding rebate AND interest for holding onto it so long!!! I attribute all this to the good work you’ve done & can’t wait to see what next week holds  Thank you so much

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