Portal of Alchemy

Return to Original Innocence

I was able to “download” all that I needed

Fiona held the space beautifully for me. Each session was an incredible journey that I would have never been able to do by myself, she kept the space and energy flowing allowing me to do what I needed to do. For me it was the end of Part 1 of my life, now I’m ready to take on Part 2 with a clean slate with the tools I need.

My experience with Fiona

I am currently working on my Return to Innocence where Fiona has guided me through past lives, seeing more of my cosmic history from living on other planets. I find it deeply spiritual and gain so much from it. I know also channel, St. Germaine, Kyron, Archangels, and the Elohim – Lord Apollo and Hercules, and others that I affectionately call, “Team God.”