Portal of Alchemy

Quantum Conversations With Fiona

2 Hour Session

What does having quantum conversations with Fiona entail?

One area in which I have identified a need is when we are going through a life crisis of sort, having someone to talk to, someone biased. I am here for that. I am here for you, to assist you in this time to gain more clarity and perspective. To share my spiritual tools with you. Help you help yourself.

What it means for me to hold space for you: “It means that I am willing to walk alongside you in whatever journey you’re on without judging you, making you feel inadequate, trying to fix you, or trying to impact the outcome. When I hold space for you, I open my heart, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control.”

Our Initial appointment is a 2 hour session. After this session, you can book Focused 1 hour sessions regarding your needs.

This is designed to get you
~ to touch base
~ get things off your chest
~ vent and release what you have difficulty with
~ to have a sounding board in order for you to *make decisions with greater ease*
~ voice your current difficult life lessons and experiences *which you struggle to understand*
~ to lighten your load by sharing with someone who just listens* with no judgments, where you can freely express yourself
~ to hear a different perspective
~ gain tools to assist you in your next step forward
~ experience peace of mind in the end
~ to have light shine on the perceived problem for you to see what it is showing you.

“When we change the way we look at things the things we look at changes”

If you are interested in taking me up on this service, kindly book a session with me for more info message me on +27 82 788 1413 or email me on info@portalofalchemy.com and we can set it up.

I would appreciate it if you can share this information with whose whom you feel can benefit by it.

Lots of love and light

"Heal your Past, Live in the Now and Dream your Future"

Most of my on-line session are done via Zoom, although I also have Skype, WhatsApp Video, Facebook Messenger Video options available. I look forward in helping you. Here for you when you need to chat to someone bias and need some advice.