Portal of Alchemy

Phase 2 Pleiadian DNA Activations Level 1



In this new Golden Age of Light, we are now creating our crystalline Sun DNA templates, the crystalline matrix of our fifth dimensional I Am Avatar Bodies of Light. With the realization we are Christ Conscious Beings of Light leading the way in the co-creation of our Heaven on Earth, the   12 fire letters within each strand of DNA now activates, bringing a level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness that takes us into a greater Cosmic Consciousness awareness of our thoughts and actions. We become the observer, viewing Life through our Master eyes, and creating choices that take us deeper into Divine Love. Essentially, each fire letter is a scalar wave program; standing wave patterns composed of quantities of conscious energy. As the subatomic particles within our bodies spin in increased Light frequencies through the crystalline matrix of Solar Christ Consciousness, we have a greater understanding of the Divine Perfection of all Creation, and the knowing that every lesson and perceived challenge we experience is taking us along the pathway of Transcendence, and into further initiations of Light.


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