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Antarian Quantum Starlight Streaming Recalibration

In this transmission we collectively activate our multidimentional Light Bodies and the Various levels of our Light Body/I Am Avatar Blueprint as we enter into a Antarian Quantum Starlight Streaming Gateway of Light. What we term the multidimentional Light Body is the collective and individual experience of the New Earth templates, sacred Geometries, numerologies and fractal geometries the activate around our phisical body, energy field and hologram dimensionally; expressed through the radiance of our body of Light, our I Am Avatar Blueprint, our connection to the soul and star family, and the integration of our Beloved I Am Presence through our lower bodies as we walk the path of Divine Love and Knowing we are all one.


1. First level ~ Brain chemistry changes, recalibration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. DNA changes into greater levels of awareness, joy and elation at reconnection to Mother/Father God and many of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High. Clearing of old identity and false beliefs and rapid onset of many of the ascension/flu like symptoms and we experience the activation of the petal of the joyful and happy heart.

2. Second level ~ Reconnection into Soul matrix and Beloved I Am Presence through the etheric Soul blueprint. Releasing of karmic experiences, increased tiredness and oscillating emotions and increased spiritual searching of “Why I am here”, “Who I Am”, “What is my purpose” as we activate the petal of the healing heart.

3. Third level ~ The sub-atomic particles within the body start to spin in increased light frequencies as we come deeper into the knowing that we are here in Service in Love. As the DNA commences its activation process into greater levels of Knowing, we become both a receiver and transmitter of the Light frequencies through our energy field and body as we activate the petal of the knowing heart.

4. Fourth level ~ Increased change within the brain chemistry and energy field occurs, as the cerebrospinal fluid starts to deepen in connection through the spine and brain, and into the chakras. Increased sensitivity of the physical body, with a need to exercise and move the body more due to chakra and meridian activations. Third eye and crown activation may cause headaches or blurry vision. Chest pains may occur as the heart chakra opens deeper into the Soul matrix. Base chakra and sacral chakra frequencies may cause a sense of pain in the lower body as the kundalini energy now starts to activate through the chakras. Intuition, empathy, telepathy and clairvoyance increases as does a deeper sense of trust in the Divine, as we activate the petal of the trusting heart.

5. Fifth level ~ The karmic and Christed Timelines start to merge into a greater sense of non-linear time as we connect deeper to our Soul group and multidimensional Selves. Lucid and vivid dreams may present themselves as a guide to synchronicities and reconnections. As we come deeper into the Soul matrix and heart chakra, a deeper level of empowerment, Love and wisdom is experienced through the three-fold flame. Old relationships no longer serving us are being released as we come into forgiveness of Self and others and further activate the petal of the powerful heart.

6. Sixth level ~ Crystal regulators placed within the etheric body start to release as we deepen into the I Am Avatar Blueprint through the New Earth Templates and geometries of Light. Additionally, we deepen into the support of Soul and Star family and reconnections on the outer planes to those that see us, hear us and appreciate us as we activate the petal of the intimate heart.

7. Seventh level ~ As the heart chakra continues to open more into Self Love, unconditional Love and non-judgment of Self and others, a deeper expression of our authentic self and desire to be of service through our many gifts emerges into a new sense of being. Also a time of deep release from old wounds, hurts, betrayals and victim/persecutor consciousness, as we flow along the path of Divine Love in the knowing that we are these sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love in service to Mother Earth and all her Life. Oscillating emotions continues to be the norm in the “shedding of all that no longer serves us” as we experience both alignment and misalignment to the Divine, Love vs fear. The desire for change is upon us, creating choices to refine our frequency. The pineal gland undergoes a major recalibration at this time as we activate the petal of the passionate heart

8. Eighth level ~ Major changes are occurring within the pineal and pituitary glands in particular as they change shape. We further experience a deeper sense of our many ESP gifts of healing, clairsentience, telepathy, empathy, clairaudience and clairvoyance. Triangular seed crystals in the third eye and recorder crystals in the right side of the brain activate to deepen our connection of Mother/Father God in the creation of our I Am Avatar Blueprint. As we experience the Knowing that all life holds the God seed of goodness and Love within them, we become more emotionally detached, deepening into observational awareness, into Cosmic Christ Consciousness walking the path of Divine Love. The sacred geometries of the New Earth Templates activate and actualize through the multidimensional Light Bodies and through the third eye in scrolls of Light, creating an arc of Light from the crown chakra to the third eye that lifts us into the higher dimensions and the knowing of our star seeded origins and Christed Timelines of your Higher Potential as we activate the petal of the overflowing and prosperous heart.

9. Ninth Level ~ We deepen in reconnection to our Beloved I Am Presence, experiencing the full activation of our multidimensional bodies from the third to the ninth dimension respectively, the activation and actualization of all geometries of Light and the merging of the chakras in one unified column of Light. The I Am Avatar blueprint merges in Unity Consciousness, and with this, the physical body may change shape to ground and anchor us more deeply into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, and to all Souls on this sacred earth and through the I Am Avatar Consciousness in affecting and creating change upon Mother earth. We release any remaining “lesser than and better than” consciousness, coming deeper into the Knowing of our own magnificence and Light as these sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love. At this level, we are now in complete surrender to the Divine, trusting that the Highest Outcome will always prevail through Universal Truth as we activate the petal of integrity and truth.

10. Tenth Level ~ At this level of Light Body Activation, we come deeper into Oneness as Spiritual Masters, teachers and wayshowers on this sacred earth. The Light Body/Merkaba field starts to activate spontaneously, allowing for interdimensional travel in Soul consciousness beyond the ring-passeth-nots into the higher dimensional fields of Light as a natural part of our reality, and the ability to travel within our activated Light Body/Merkaba becomes a reality. The 12 Strand DNA activates and actualizes as the innocent and open heart now activates to the knowing of our Divinity, innocence and purity. The ninth dimensional Flower of Life takes on the geometry of the Fruit of Life and the ability to access each sphere and the completion of our I AM Avatar Blueprint is upon us.

11. Eleventh Level ~ The axiatonal lines lying along the acupuncture meridian lines now connect through spin points of sound and color into the body and energy field. The fifth dimensional circulatory system of Light is now complete and rejuvenation and regeneration of the physical and energy bodies is now activated as is the petal of the loving heart. All time exists simultaneously within the infinite eternal Now moment. There is only this Now and we magnetize and manifest to us all that we need in the fulfillment of our service work.

12. Twelfth Level ~ In this last level of the Light Body/I AM Avatar Blueprint activation, we are working with many of the Ascended Masters and Councils of Light on the inner planes as well as connecting with other 12th & level initiates to create and affect change energetically and physically upon this sacred earth so all life may know themselves as Love. Additionally through the pathways of Divine Love we have created for ourselves and others, more and more Souls awaken to the knowing that they are Love, as together we co-create Heaven on Earth. With this, the last Christed Petal of the peaceful heart activates for all Life on this sacred earth. Lastly, we merge into the 13th, the middle sphere of the Flower of Life to experience All That Is. This transmission will be experienced in invocations and affirmations as we come together as One Unified Cosmic Heart, and the knowing that we are co-creating Heaven on Earth. And so it is! Stargate Seven In this final stargate series, you travel to the ninth dimension of Melchizedek Consciousness, a vibration beyond Christ Consciousness, into the Cosmic Heart of Mother Father God. To assist you to stabilize your frequency at this dimensional level, you stop at each dimensional level from the fourth to the eighth dimensions respectively, linking into the appropriate multidimensional Christ Consciousness grid as well as merging again with your multidimensional Selves at each dimension. You build the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life and travel through the Omega-Orion stargate portal into experiencing the Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God. You activate the ninth dimensional axiatonal lines through the body as you are placed in a 12 Strand DNA Activation Chamber of Light. As the DNA is recalibrated and activated to the maximum Cosmic Law will allow, you further merge with your ninth dimensional Selves as well as your Christed Overself of the Light, your & Beloved I Am Presence. You then merge with Mother/Father God and all Life through this ninth dimensional grid of Light as you focus on integrating the primary quality of the ray of Melchizedek Consciousness, that of “transcendence”. You are invited into different “mansions” within “Nirvana” and also get an opportunity, should you so choose, to meet again with those you know that have passed over and that you would like to reconnect. As you come back to the Planetary Christ Consciousness grid, you surround the earth and all Life in this diamond flame of Light of Melchizedek Consciousness, linking all Life into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, within the Cosmic Law of Free Will. At this point you are fine-tuning your etheric electronic body of Light, also known as your Light Body, to become an extension of the Planetary Christ Consciousness grid through the axiatonal lines around and within the Earth plane, reflecting the exact sacred geometry and harmonic resonance found within the Christ Consciousness grid. 

Channelled by Anrita Melchizedek

Facilitated by Fiona Van Rensburg

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