Winds of destiny blowing

Winds of destiny blowing


“There are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust with the fury of a hurricane, sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore.” ― Nicholas Sparks
Remember . . .That which is meant to be yours will come to you. Just as those of you who are aligned with the highest good will eventually experience your highest ideal, so shall your daily needs be met. You need never worry about your s…urvival because there was a special mechanism put into place long ago which regulates and guarantees that everything you need will be there for you in the exact moment that you need it. Oftentimes it will not appear until the instant before it is needed, but you may be assured that while you are waiting you are being strengthened. As you learn to trust in this wondrous process, the obstacles and hardships of life fall by the wayside and are replaced by a serenity that knows no limit.These times of great upheaval are truly gifts unto you. You are constantly surrounded by an environment that is conducive for bringing out your most fulfilling form of expression. Your ego, the part of you which is in service to yourself, is giving way to a much larger, grander you’the you that is in service to others. You are blossoming in all your glory, and it is this blossoming that you have always longed for. Be open, be available, and, in the meantime, be at peace. Your prayers and intentions are all being answered.My intention for today is:
I intend that the Sweetest Love imaginable, like a torrent of rushing water, washes simultaneously over and through the hearts of every man, woman, and child who walk this Earth. And I intend, from that moment of Grace forward, that all seven billion of us have a reference point to remind us of how good life can be when we are filled, to the brim, with Love.

Art ~ Pat Brennan

The Physical Body and the New Reality
As the deep shifts occur, your Physical Body will begin the process of adapting to the New Reality and the Higher Consciousness Grids.
There are two processes involved here:
  1. The first is a very deep cleansing and throwing off of anything that is heavy, low frequency, toxic and limiting to you and others. You may notice your body seeking changes, in diet, exercise, sleep patterns and ways of expression.
  2. This process of “clarification” is necessary for the next step, where the body begins to “breathe light” in the Cells. The process of “breathing light” is a Cellular Process and it occurs spontaneously in the Cells when the Body is at a High enough Frequency and ready to make the switch. At this point, the Body will derive about 50 percent of its nutrients from Light in an intracellular synthesis process, and about 50 perecent from Physical Nutrition. We would say, however, that this shift only occurs when the Body is clear, grounded and aligned with the Light Body.

It is a Spontaneous Evolution and occurs when you are ready. At that point you become a “Shining One” as you begin to radiate Light and Energy from your Cells. This is the First level of the Shift from the old Carbon based Physical Form to the New Crystalline Light based form. Beloved Ones, we ask you not to try to force this process, but to listen to your body and what it needs.

If you are not ready for the Shift you may still need more traditional methods of nutrition until your body is ready. Even after the shift, you will need to monitor your nutrition and energy levels to ensure that your body is maintain ing its new pattern of energetics and radiance.

Once you have made the shift you will find it very difficult to be in close proximity with people and environments that are toxic and polluted. Your new energetic structure is desiged for the New Earth and desires clean air, light and nutritious food, and a light filled and harmonious environment.

This shift of the Physical/Energetic functioning will also be felt on the Emotional and Mental levels. Your Emotional and Mental energies my be unstable for a while, and fluctuate quite widely as your System integrates accelerated light energies travelling through the nervous system and firing the hormonal system and the brain cells. You may find yourself responding very swiftly with strong emotions in some situations. Just know that it will take a while to adjust to the accelerations in your system.

Beloved Family, over time we have shown you how to ground youselves into the Earth Star Chakra and the Earth Center, and how to align with the Cosmic Heart. This is an essential daily practice as you work to integrate the light breathing and the acceleration of light impulses in the nervous system.

When this process is complete, you will feel yourself aligning in to a new sense of yourself and your power as a Master of Light. You will have more confidence in your ability to manifest abundance through working with the Divine Light and shaping it into Co-creations with the Divine Source.

— Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn —

Pleasing God


Newport News, Virginia April 28, 2012

I want you to understand something: God doesn’t have Human emotions. God isn’t sitting around hoping anything or wishing you would do this or that. God is the creative source of the Universe and you are part of this God. Therefore, to “please God” is to love yourself enough to be part of the wholeness of God.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

On offer at the Portal of Alchemy to help you with the shifts you’re going through:
Light Body Activation Level 1:With the help of my master set of activated crystals I activate your Merkabah/ Light Body to the frequencies of the 5th dimensional frequency.

The Crystal Light Body Activation includes:

  • Opening the Heart
  • Cocooning the body in the energy of Love
  • Activating the physical/etheric body with a core of Light
  • Activating the emotional body to the fifth dimension
  • Activating the mental body to the fifth dimension
  • Activating the Spiritual body to the frequency of the fifth dimension
  • Activating the prana flow
  • Activating cellular awareness

The Benefits of a Crystal Light Body Activation are:

  • Acceleration of your Cosmic ascension process;
  • The ability to take control of your life energetically and view life through your Master Eyes;
  • Increased ESP skills such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience;
  • Reconnection to your Soul family and friends of light;
  • Recalibration of your energy field and body;
  • Moving into the heart;
  • Releasing of limiting patterns, behaviours and addictions; and
  • A deep sense of Unity Conciousness.

Duration:1 1/2hours                  Fee: R350 for activation only

Duration:    2 hours       Fee: R550 for Consultation + Activation

Light Body Activation Level 1:Your 2nd Light Body activation is that it takes you deeper into unconditional love and experience Unity Consciousness, and it integrates your DNA to its original Divine DNA encodings. You have the ability to take your service work to a new level through illumination and manifestation, and connect to the higher dimentionsBenefits of a Level II Activation are:

  • Acceleration of your Cosmic ascension process;
  • The ability to take control of your life energetically and view life through your Master Eyes;
  • Increased ESP skills such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience;
  • Reconnection to your Soul family and friends of light;
  • Recalibration of your energy field and body;
  • Moving into the heart;
  • Releasing of limiting patterns, behaviours and addictions; and
  • A deep sense of Unity Consciousness.
  • With this sixth dimensional activation, you have the ability to create Love, Light, joy and harmony for yourself and all Life. You have the ability to take your Service work to a new level through illumination and manifestation, and connect to the higher dimensions for assistance in your Service work and in your Life.
  • One of the many gifts of working with these Beings of Light from On High is the ability to experience different Chambers of Light. These Chambers of Light hold various frequencies of Light that can take the client into a deeper level of unconditional Love, as well as clear out old cellular patterns, false beliefs and judgements to experience more of their multidimensional nature. As the sixth dimensional frequency is one of Love, manifestation and illumination, you are presented with two Chambers of Light that will assist in this sixth dimensional activation. These two Chambers of Light are brought in specifically by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.
  • The first Chamber is a Manifestation and Illumination Chamber of Light, which has the ability to assist the client to receive the Higher mind wisdom of Mother/Father God, and to clear the negative ego and lower mind. Further to this, the client is able to step into a deeper level of being a co-creator and conscious manifestor in their Service work with the assistance of the Company of Heaven.
  • The second Chamber is a Cosmic Re-integration Chamber of Light. This Cosmic Re-Integration Chamber of Light takes all the Soul Consciousness aspects of the client at a multidimensional level and anchors them through the body, energy field and hologram in this Now. This firstly assists in Soul retrieval, bringing back Soul fragments into the body, and equally important, allows the client to experience more of their multidimensional, and multifaceted nature at this moment.

Duration:1 1/2hours                  Fee: R350 for activation only

Duration:    2 hours       Fee: R550 for Consultation + Activation

DNA Activation Level IYour 3rd Activation is the Activation of your Crystalline Sun DNA Templates

7 Things You Do Not Know About Your DNA
By Toby Alexander
1) We did not “evolve” from pond scum.
2) If evolution was accurate, then the most evolved species (humans) would have the most genetic material (chromosomes). As it is now, humans have 46 chromosomes and lobsters have 77…
3) The original human DNA template (called the Diamond Sun DNA Template) is a 12 Double Helix DNA Template (energetic blueprint). Due to past interferences and tampering by other races, most people only have 3 strands active.
4) Having weird emotional reactions during puberty is a result of the 4th DNA strand not activating properly and is NOT natural or organic. Also having a menstrual cycle for women every month is not the original design. This was altered to get more people on the planet as it used to only happen once every 7 years.
5) All brain imbalances, hormone imbalances, and thus health issues are the result of the electromagnetic field of humans being out of balance. Once these are balanced at the quantum DNA level, the original organic imprint for health that is BUILT INTO the original human DNA can be restored.
6) DNA is a term only recently created in the 1950’s and studies only the SURFACE portion of what is really running your whole multidimensional anatomy. A more accurate definition of DNA would be: The observable portions and chemical translations of scalar wave programs running in the morphogenetic field that control a person’s ability to EMBODY their higher dimensions of self.
7) The original human DNA is built for IMMORTALITY. Turning into LIGHT. This happens through biological transmutation – turning from a carbon based anatomy to a silica based one, etheric, and then eventually pre-matter liquid light. This is done through the activation of the FIRE LETTERS in the energetic DNA template. Once the fire letters are activated, then the person can EMBODY their Soul (dimensions 4, 5, 6), Oversoul (dimensions 7, 8, 9), Avatar self (dimensions 10, 11, 12). This is how REAL evolution happens.
Toby Alexander

benefits to the crystalline sun dna templates

~ clearing of the emotional body and the lower bodies

~ clearing at a cellular level false beliefs, judgments and genetically inherited patterns and past life/parallel reality events

~ increased Light within the body at a cellular level as the atoms and molecules spin faster in increased Light frequencies

~remembrance of our Cosmic heritage through connecting and merging with our multidimensional Selves

~ Connecting to our Higher Light permanently and the realms of Illumined Truth

~ Coming into empowerment, experiencing unconditional Love and viewing Life through our Master eyes

~ greater abundance, joy and focus in our daily Lives

~ attracting and magnetizing people and events that will assist us to flow with the Universe in

perfect harmony

~ balancing of the physical body as well as the Spiritual body

Duration: 2hours for the activation

(you are requested to have completed Level I and II before you can do this one)

Fee : R550 for the activation

DNA Actualization Level II :What the Actualization of Crystalline Sun DNA Templates entails:The Actualization of the Crystalline Sun DNA Templates follows on from The Activation of the Crystalline Sun DNA Templates, and it is suggested that you first work with the Activation process before completing the Actualization process.In the Actualization of the Crystalline Sun DNA Templates, we work with:

  • the axiatonal lines through the twelve main meridian lines in the body and activate these axiatonal lines interdimensionally through the related wormholes or portals, as well as downloading the related chakras.
  • The axiatonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridian lines and connect into twelve spin points of sound and color frequencies found along each meridian line.
  • The activation of these 144 spin points at each dimensional level creates the appropriate sound and color frequencies necessary to actualize the DNA as well as connect us to our multidimensional Selves.
  • The last DNA actualization integration process taking place on the ninth dimension, the highest dimensional frequency we are able to experience in this Golden Age of Light.
  • Assisting in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the physical body. Additional, the chakras start to merge in One unified column of Light and a deep sense of interconnectiveness and unconditional Love is often experienced as we move more into the fifth dimension and the New Earth Templates of Light.

benefits to the crystalline sun dna templates level ii

  • A deeper sense of trust and surrender to the Divine.
  • Knowing that the Pathway of Divine Love is our birth right, and the ability to flow into the Center

of Divine Love and the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

  • A deeper more integrated connection to our Beloved I Am Presence and God through the recognition of ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.
  • A greater sense of joy and peace.
  • Releasing of old false beliefs and judgments, victim/persecutor consciousness, disillusionment and separation.
  • Moving more into detachment while experiencing a greater flow and depth of all emotions.
  • An increased number of synchronistic events start to occur in our everyday lives as the veils of illusion lift and we see clearing through our master eyes knowing that we are Divinely guided in this Golden Age of Light.
  • Perceptual shifts and the ability to read the energy of others more clearly.
  • A sense of no-time, no space ~ linear time dissolving into a more multidimensional time frame of simply being in the Now.
  • Bringing in of multidimensional memories of our Highest Potential in parallel realities through the merging of our multidimensional Selves.
  • Increased creative gifts and a greater colour spectrum visibility.
  • Increased ESP gifts such as telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience.
  • Increased abilities to manifest and magnetize all that we need in any given Now moment.
  • Duration: 2hours for the activation(you are requested to have completed Light Body Activations Level I and II as well as DNA Level I, before you can do this one)Fee : R550 for the activation
Referral : To whom it may concern”Fiona is a wonderful intuitive healer and empath, and offers healing and Light activation sessions using Light frequency tools, healing rays, reiki and crystals. She is a master teacher and workshop facilitator, mother, Light worker and messenger of God ~ truly an amazing individual with incredible gifts and services ~” Anrita Melchizedek
  • Emotional Trauma Releasing and Counselling (Death, Divorce, Abuse and Great Loss)
  • Chakra Clearing, Balancing and Alignings
  • Light Body/Merkabah and DNA Activations (for opening up of 3rd Eye and enhancing your natural ESP abilities and more)
  • Spiritual Counselling and understanding The Game of Life and how to play it, as well as your Spiritual Path and your Purpose
  • Introducing you to your Spirit Teachers/Guides and Totem Animals, and what they help you with
  • Past Life Regression Therapy (Healing issues arrising from Past/Parralel Lives)
  • Meditation and Healing Circles
  • Metaphysical Workshops and Courses that enhance your natural gifts and ablilities
  • Tranformational Specialist (helping you through the dark night of the soul into the light)
My Rates are:R350 for an hour session,R550 for a 2 hour session where it’s a consultation/counselling followed by a healing/balancing session;R550 for a 2 hour session where it’s a reading followed by an appropriate healing, clearing, cutting etheric cords, or balancing

R800 for a 3 hour session  where it’s a consultation/counselling followed by a healing/balancing session and or reading

Services available at the Portal of Alchemy are:


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