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About Fiona

Fiona van Rensburg,
Galactic name : Nan’kqwin’anda (sounded Nanqwin Aahndah);
Shaman Medicine Name : Silver Butterfly, and
Hopi Name given by Elders: LightFeather-Beam,

Starseeded One / Earth Angel / Blue Ray / Lightworker / Metaphysical Teacher / Wayshower / Intuitive Empath Energy Healer

is the owner of the Portal of Alchemy (Holistic Healing Centres in Bryanston,  (South Africa), since its inception in 2010. She started her light work in Durban where she anchored her light and rays and helped all that have crossed her path for 7 years before she was guided to come back and created a space in Gauteng for personal transform and alchemy in 2018.

—After awakening I got Certified Reiki Master (1 year training) 2007

—Pleiadian and Melchizedek teachings in
—Merkabah Activations 2007
—Archangel Connections and Attunements 2013
Certified DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings 2017

—Certified Applied Energy Healer (1 year training) 2011

—Certified Introduction to Metaphysics by MetaVarsity (6 months) 2017
Certified Facilitator for MetaVarsity (6 months) 2017

—Attended Sweat Lodges

—Underwent multiple Healing sessions, Initiations, Ceremonies, Upgrades, and Cried, Cried, Cried and Cried some more

—Had to learn how to heal myself in order for one day when someone sits opposite me, for me to help them heal, because I’ve been there done that… I’ve personally healed from Trauma/Abuse/Death of a Loved one/Divorce/Heartache/Pain/ Sorrow/ Loss etc

—Until I got to full acceptance and let go of my past and learned to move on

—MOTTO: “Heal your Past, Live in the NOW and Dream your Future”

So today I’m a Metaphysical Teacher; Intuitive Empath Energy Healer; Earth Angel; Light Worker; Higher Rays and DNA Activator; Reiki Master; Merkabah Activator; AEH Trainer and Practitioner; Crystal & Sound therapist, Bars Practitioner as well as a Spiritual Counselor.

I use my knowledge and experience of a variety of modalities with the assistance of my Spirit Teachers and Guides to effect personal transformation in my clients.

“I harmonize in order to reflect,
Modelling Order.
I seal the Matrix of Endlessness with the Galactic Tone of Integrity
I am Guided by the Power of Spirit”

Born into a spiritual family, Fiona was taught about concepts like reincarnation and karma at an early age. At the age of 21 she was initiated by Baba Gurinder SinghJi Dhillon, the same Indian Master who initiated her mother and grandmother. Fiona shared a close bond with her grandmother who passed away when Fiona was nine, her grandmother continues to be her Ancestral Guide.

Following the philosophy Science of the Soul, Fiona was a vegetarian for over 10 years and meditated daily. When she hit 30, Fiona went through many changes as well as a divorce. “I simultaneously left the path in search of my own path, my own truth, the journey of my soul,” recalls Fiona. It was after a destructive three year relationship ended that Fiona realised that she needed to find out how it was that she got into an abusive relationship in the first place. “The ending of that relationship was a catalyst for me, I  read every spiritual and self-help book I could get and attended as many workshops as I could, I was like a sponge absorbing knowledge.”

Fiona began to help family and friends by doing healings and chakra balancings on them. She then took a week off work to focus solely on healing. “In the corporate environment, my soul was dying. Often I’d dream that I failed an English exam at school.” Fiona interpreted this dream to mean that she was not fulfilling her purpose as a communicator.

“In 2010 I took the leap of faith and left the security of work to go on my own.”

Gentle, compassionate and intuitive, Fiona helps her clients to see the flip side of the coin. “I help my clients claim back, transform alchemy and change their situation for the better. I help my clients untrap themselves from their minds.”

“No two treatments are the same,” says Fiona who explains that when she is with a clients, she is guided by what therapy they require and often combines a few like crystal, reiki and sound therapy.

As a metaphysical teacher and intuitive empath energy healer, Fiona is fulfilling her life’s purpose by healing clients all over the world.

“I feel blessed to live my passion and share my gift of healing, I am doing what I came here to do. I want to help as many people as I can, I want to help humanity to awaken to become the best that they can be.” Fiona

—My Western Astrology – Pisces – Water sign
—Pisces are generous, emotional, imaginative, kind, compassionate, sensitive, intuitive and selfless

—Chinese Astrology – Rat – Water sign
—The Water Rat is intelligent and very perceptive with the benefit of knowing many great skills and putting them to use whenever possible. They are deep thinkers who will express their thoughts visibly and convincingly which can help them out in hard times.

—Numerology – Life Path – 11 The Life Path 11 has the potential to be a source of inspiration and illumination for people.

My Keepership reading reveiled: “Your Mission Council beloved is led by Divine Mother, with Lady Nada, Lady Mary, Lady Quan Yin, Lady Venus Star, Isis, Sanat Kumara, Lord Maitreya, Lord Melchizedek, Sananda, St Germaine, Djwal Khul, El Morya, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Buddha.

Your Ascension Council consists of many legions of both Elohim and those of the Archangels, particularly Lord Michael, Zadkiel, Gabriel, Uriel, Jophiel with Melchizedek, Lord Melchior, St Germaine, Lady Mary, Divine Mother and Divine Father. ”

What I’ve learned from my Spirit Guides

Ouma Saartjie

Red Eagle/Two Feathers and Chief Red Sky (my Native American Indian Guides)
Archangel Michael Archangel Raziel
In 1981 @ age 9 she crossed over and became my Ancestral Guardian Angel, however I only realised it at age 30 Lifetimes together as Shaman Walked with me for 4 previous lifetimes, 5th life time helping me with my light work I understand his teachings and heeds his guidance
First thing she told me was that I am alien to this world. I usually incarnate elsewhere for I find this plane much too hard They saw gift of healing in me and taught me their ways Guiding me / Protecting me/ Making sure my light work blossoms in all ways chosen Courage and Wisdom are held deep inside me
Choose to incarnate with Emotional Body on Max level

So where others will go through an experience, it will feel to them like an pin prick, to me it feels like an amputation

Usually incarnate and stay close to a body of water This is my last journey upon the Earth Plane My HOME is PLEIADES
She tells me that I am much loved & supported Connected to Spirit Light work takes a lot out of me as I give 110% This is why my spiritual knowledge far surpasses general public
Describing Blue Energy around me – Reconstructs Energy Field Come from a Blue Plane, the Pleiades, we do healings there and came  down here to do it He tells me to rest in between my sessions  
Said I’m destined for so much more

But had to find my own path

Affirmations I got:    
From ashes a new person arises with higher purpose

Rising like a phoenix from each experience

“I am one with the Divine Infinite Source”    
I’m to teach by example “I am Power”    
I volunteered for portal access “I choose to remember”    
Experiment live in 4/5D in a 3D world      

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Take your Sword dear One… hold it steady… By Sannanda

I am a Woman… I have awaken to my own power… to the infinite strength within… The sword you see in front of me… is a symbol. It means that I have conquer my fears…… I have gone through the dark night of the soul… through the gates of the most intense nightmares… and yes… I faced them all… with the embrace of Love…

My heart is open… all what I receive… is fully this moment… Beauty is my choice… Love is my action… In me the commitment to be in service of the greater good… in service of the divine… in you… in me… in everything. Come to me… and I will bring you home… My sword will cut through any illusion you hold within yourself… I am ruthless… and yes… the love in me… will set you free.

Hold yourself.. gather your courage… take the step… choose fully… to come home… to yourself beyond any fears. Let me guide you… I have done it… I know the way…

Take your sword dear One… hold it steady… know your strength… trust in yourself… use it… direct it to any illusion… to any fear within… and yes… they will now dissolve in the immense force of determination… intention… and the power of Love…

All that is left dear one… is your essence… fully receiving what is… and yes… that is beautiful… beyond any description…


Native American Prayer