Portal of Alchemy

When I had my DNA Activated

In this 2 part process, I don’t think myself or Fiona knew of everything I needed to release. From the cobwebs and the ties that were created many lifetimes ago, to this life, we systematically cut off all of these webs. We cancelled soul contracts that no longer served me and began recalibrating to who I really was. I’ve always been connected to spirit, but this process took off the shackles that have enabled me to fly. In deep introspection, I always thought that something was holding me back, try as hard as I may, there was always something out of my control that would get in the way. Apon doing this DNA Activation, we cleared all of these ties… and there were 1000s. Fiona always had time for me to do the work, I was never rushed or an inconvenience. She always held the space open and is an incredible facilitator of the process.

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