Portal of Alchemy

Spirit was calling me to do this

I started off not knowing where this would take me, but I was completely guided by Spirit that I had to do this course.

I knew that this course was not to be taken lightly, I intuitively knew that a lot of Soul searching, reflecting and “home work” on my part would have too be done if I wanted to take advantage of everything, Spirit was calling me too do.

I started with level 1 and kept moving up the levels, none were easy, it took you too your very core, to heal, release and grow.

But with each understanding, and new information, I was so grateful to be going through this process.

I definitely recommend this course to whoever feels drawn to it.

Fiona is a wonderful teacher, who helps you too understand what you are feeling and guides you all the way and She will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank-you Fiona, for being my guiding Light.

Just remember that you have to do your “home work” in order to gain the full experience.

Love and True Light

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