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Practitioner Course – Merkabah & DNA  Activation

Practitioner Course – Merkabah & DNA  Activation

“Hello Fiona, At first I was very nervous as to what was going to happen and what I was going to learn, I just knew that I had to be there and experience what it was I was going to experience. Everything was presented beautifully, I was so happy to receive a file with all the notes in, so that I could go back and check items that I wasn’t sure about. Thank you so much for this. The shift in energy that you and your Lightworkers are providing for that person is a very intense energy and makes great shifts within themselves. The clients life would have shifted into such a better alignment with love and light. I felt better once I had practised on you, I felt that I could use my intuition much more and had a definite sense that I was being guided and trusted the process 100%, which was a wonderful feeling. I felt more confident that I would be able help people with this beautiful energy. This energy that we were working with is absolutely amazing, the frequency is so high and lovely. I have felt such a change this week. I am definitely projecting much more love and trusting in the flow of the universe, I am practising to quite my mind and listen for signs from the universe and if I am guided to do something in the house I trust that spirit is guiding me to do so. You presented and taught the course 100%, your beautiful energy surrounded us while we were busy and you were patient with me, when I kept getting left behind. Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend of spiritual growth I would recommend this to everyone on this planet earth. I would like to thank you so much for all the other information that you provided me with on various other subjects that weren’t related to the course, but we were guided by spirit to talk about.

I wanted to let you know that the second weekend of the DNA Activation’s workshop was really incredible. The energies that we experienced while we were busy with the upgrades as well as holding space for each other, was truly beautiful. Especially learning about the chimes and actually using them, and not being afraid to add my own bit of intuition, my own special magic. Thank you so much for allowing that. I learnt that I need to trust myself more and stop doubting myself that I am not good enough, that I don’t have talent to do healing, and shinning of the True Golden Light. Thank you for being a Blessing in My Life, for being the light to ignite my fire inside. You are an amazing Teacher and Healer you are such an incredible person, please don’t ever forget that. Thank you so much for all the amazing information you have given me, I am truly grateful. Hope that you a very Blessed week, and keep shinning your light. Have a Blessed and Loved Day. In Love and True Light.”

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