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Soul Fragment Retrieval

We call upon the seven Archangels, their Divine Feminine Counterparts and their Legion of Light to assist you in retrieving the parts of your Soul that left in shock, in shame or pain, or perhaps just to have a different experience. We invite those parts of you that left to come back and be part of you again. You just need to be willing to Love and nurture those Soul parts of you that have fragmented so you may be complete and whole again. We also ask for the assistance of each Archangel and their Divine Counterpart to bring in their gifts of Love and Light, joy, warmth, compassion, humility, and understanding, so that you may integrate these qualities and so that your Soul pieces that left may join you in Divine Love.


You will be feeling much more complete, much more whole. As you have brought your Soul fragments entirely back into your being and you now feel all parts of your Soul, all parts of yourself. You will feel your Soul stir deep within your Soul Matrix, deep within your heart center, as you open your heart center to this wonderful feeling of Divine Love. Welcoming each part of your Soul that has come back to be with you as your Higher Light, in the frequencies of Love and Light. And then,  you take a few minutes to cancel any old soul contracts you might have, with yourself, family, friends, or those people that you perceive have caused you pain. These contracts might be the belief that you have to experience pain and suffering in order to truly experience love and compassion, or the belief that this is how you learn best or survival-based contracts in which you felt you had no choice. These are old karmic contracts, and in this reality, you can choose to experience your lessons in Love and joy and harmony.

Thereafter you’ll just take the time to chat with these newly found Soul pieces of your Self and create a deeper bond of trust, Love, and mutual support. What is important is also to change the way you perceive your reality, to ensure that these newly found Soul pieces do not fragment again. When you do this exercise, try to feel into the source of the “original wound”, mostly from parallel realities, as this will assist in shifting your consciousness in this Now, and bring your awareness to some of the old patterns and false beliefs you may be perpetuating in this reality. And lastly, bring your focus to the streams of Light from your Beloved I Am Presence connecting you the timelines of the best probably future for yourself. Ask your future Self of the Light to step forward and to make this connection with you to this Now and to bring through the people and events that can take you into your Heart’s dreaming.

Duration 1-2 hours

Channelled by Anrita Melchizedek

Facilitated by Fiona Van Rensburg

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