Intuitive Oracle Card Readings



Come receive some Divine Guidance for your life and journey
Reader on duty Friday and Monday mornings 9am-1pm is @Fiona van Rensburg
at the Dreamcatcher Shop, in the Cedar Square Shopping Centre, Groud Floor !!
#Make your Booking call 011 465 9147

Duration:     45min

With the assistance of Archangel Michael, I am here to help you resolve your current life situations, providing you with the answers you seek, and direct you towards your higher path.

I work primarily in the here and now, and I can answer your questions regarding relationships and love, family, home, career, and spiritual growth.

I make use of a combination of the Angel, Goddess, Zen Tarot, Power Deck, and Alchemy Cards (whichever is appropriate to you) with my intuitive abilities.


(also available via e-mail or Skype)

ON-LINE Skype session
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