Crystal Merkabah/Light Body Activation Level 1



With the help of my master set of activated crystals I activate your Merkabah/ Light Body to the frequencies of the higher dimensions. 

The Crystal Light Body Activation includes:

  • Opening the Heart
  • Cocooning the body in the energy of Love
  • Activating the physical/etheric body with a core of Light
  • Activating the emotional body to the fifth dimension
  • Activating the mental body to the fifth dimension
  • Activating the Spiritual body to the frequency of the fifth dimension
  • Activating the prana flow
  • Activating cellular awareness

The Benefits of a Crystal Light Body Activation are:

  • Acceleration of your Cosmic ascension process;
  • The ability to take control of your life energetically and view life through your Master Eyes;
  • Increased ESP skills such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience;
  • Reconnection to your Soul family and friends of light;
  • Recalibration of your energy field and body;
  • Moving into the heart;
  • Releasing of limiting patterns, behaviours and addictions; and
  • A deep sense of Unity Conciousness.  


Duration: 2hours for the activation (you are requested to have completed Level I before you can do Level II )

Refferal : To whom it may concern

“Fiona is a wonderful intuitive healer and empath, and offers healing and Light activation sessions using Light frequency tools, healing rays, reiki and crystals. She is a master teacher and workshop facilitator, mother, Light worker and messenger of God ~ truly an amazing individual with incredible gifts and services ~”

Anrita Melchizedek