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Fiona has been giving spiritual discourses at the various Spiritual Churches, Wellness Lifestyle Conferences, and she’s been interviewed by Stephan Hoffman SA, Theresa Walstra SA, Helen Pengelly UK, and Tamara Caulder Richardson, Southern Belle Medium®, host of the Seeking Heaven Channel USA. Fiona’s articles have appeared in the Odyssey Magazine as well as Aneis de Vida Online Magazine.


Episode 122: Guest, Fiona Van Rensburg – Pleiadian, DNA Light Code Activator and Cosmic Healer (South Africa)
Topic: “The Pleiadians – Our Starseed Origins”

Join this special Galactic Federation edition as, my guest, friend, and fellow Starseed, and Pleiadian Emeritus, Fiona Van Rensburg, explains our true cosmic history, how many of us humans came from far away planets to be here now to help earth expand from a 3D material, low vibration world to one of a higher vibration of brotherly love and light. Fiona will discuss how she found out she not only is a Starseed but is from the planet Pleiades. She explains who the other higher-level beings that work in the same “love and light” frequencies as the Pleiadians. Fiona also goes over the Ascended Masters, the Elohim, and the archangels and how they help her with DNA activations and with her client’s spiritual progress. On a personal note, I have received all 100 chakra light body activations from Fiona. I have been activated, remember I am a light being starseed (Angelic Sirian). And two years before my activation, I have been not only channeling Christ but channeling Ashtar of the Galactic Federation, St. Germaine, Kyron, Archangels, and the Elohim. Since my activation with Fiona in March 2021, I can now channel at will all the higher-level beings I call affectionately call, “Team God.”

Tell and share this with your friends! Let’s wake up to our true cosmic origins of “love and light”, and start loving this world better. Join me on this galactic adventure!

Fiona offers 30-minute free consultations. After which, she will indicate which of her services will be a good fit for your spiritual development at this time. She also offers free educational videos on her website, including guided meditations. 

Episode 123: Guest, Fiona Van Rensburg – Pleiadian, DNA Light Code Activator and Cosmic Healer (South Africa)
Topic: “Live, Pleiadian DNA Light Code Activation!” 

Join us as, my guest, dear friend, and Starseed Pleiadian Emeritus, Fiona Van Rensburg explains how and why sacred geometry is used in our spiritual development with light code activations, how she works with the Pleiadians and finally gives us a LIVE, DNA Light Code Activation Demonstration! Be prepared to go on a wild galaxy rocket ship ride of spiritual enlightenment!
Please tell and share this with your friends! Let’s wake up together and start loving this world better. Sending each of you my love and light! Tamara

Bio: Fiona Van Rensburg – Pleiadian, DNA Light Code Activator & Cosmic Healer
Fiona has been a certified Reiki Master since Jan 2007. In 2010, she became a professional light-worker that now offers healings, DNA activations, clearings, and energy balancing that transforms lives. Over the years Fiona has helped many people who are serious about their spiritual growth and development. Fiona has also done a lot of spiritual development on her journey to where she now recalls being from the planet Pleiades, and her soul group is known as, “The Shining Ones.” After her star origin discovery, Fiona trained and became certified by the Melchizedek Pleiadian Light Network in these light work specialties; Crystal Light Body and Merkabah activation, Crystalline Sun DNA Activations, Archangel Connections, and Attunements, and is also a class facilitator. She is also trained in Enneagram social personality type training and has a Baccalaureus Commercial degree from Northwest University. 

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I was referred to Fiona back in March of 2021, because my energy was off, and I felt energetically drained. In our first session, Fiona lined up my chakras and gave me an ‘upgrade’ of sorts with activated my Light Body/Merkaba using a Pleiadian Crystal Light Body/Merkaba Activation as well as the Arcturian Silver Violet Quoantum Healing Pod Activation. I was not familiar with this but followed her guided instructions. After the session, I felt more balanced, more energetic, and more present. Then a few days later started seeing sacred geometry in my head, all the time! A month later I received her Pleiadian Crystalline Sun DNA activation level 1 and a month later the Pleiadian Crystalline Sun DNA Actualization level 2. I have now received all 100 chakra downloads, all my Multi-Dimensional light bodies of light being built. Before my activation, I was channeling Christ regularly. I have a close relationship with Jesus from my six near-death experiences. I was also getting a few messages from Ashtar, later to find out he is head of the Galactic Federation, in my dream state. However, after my three activations from Fiona, I now channel Ashtar with full awareness, and regularly. Also, after my second session with Fiona, I was activated to remembering that I am a light “blue-colored” high-vibration angelic being, from Sirius, that works with the “Office of Christ” to help further mankind with their connection to the One Source of All (God). During the session and the ones that followed, I glowed from the inside out illuminating the room. I am currently working on my Return to Innocence where Fiona has guided me through past lives, seeing more of my cosmic history from living on other planets. I find it deeply spiritual and gain so much from it. I know also channel, St. Germaine, Kyron, Archangels, and the Elohim – Lord Apollo and Hercules, and others that I affectionately call, “Team God.”

I feel Fiona Van Rensburg is a highly qualified DNA light code activator, and intuitive healer. I am grateful that she helped me wake up to my true origin and my mission here on earth. I will always be grateful for that!

Love and light, my cosmic Starseed sister,

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Cheryl Eley reviewed Portal of Alchemy — 5 star December 18, 2015 · On 24 April this year, Fiona van Rensburg of Portal of Alchemy kindly gave a talk on, “The Law of Attraction and You”, to “Women Empowering Women”, a support group for abused women which I facilitate. The talk was inspirational, interesting and informative, and was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all the ladies. Fiona, is intuitive, very positive, empathetic with the ability to inspire and raise the energy of a group. The positive energy, love, light and sense of hope which Fiona brought into the group remained long after she departed. Thank you, Fiona for contributing to a very successful and memorable meeting! “Cheryl Lorien Eley ~ Support Group Co-Facilitator Lifeline Crisis Counsellor/Facilitator of probationer counsellors.

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