Introduction to Metaphysics (12 months bi-weekly course)

Introduction to Metaphysics, Physical classes starting –
26th / 29th January 2017!

This metaphysics course gets your journey off to an exciting start. If you are new to metaphysics and MetaVarsity you will receive a solid foundation of understanding and personal, practical application of that understanding across the four pillars of metaphysics. For those with some experience, you will find that the structure and outcomes of this metaphysics course will bring together and integrate your own knowledge and personal experience, creating a framework for accelerated growth and personal development. All four modules of this metaphysics course are required to be completed in the specified sequence.

MetaVarsity is a school of metaphysics that uses the philosophy of metaphysics to provide a unique learning and growth experience for each one of our learners.
Our facilitator, Fiona van Rensburg, will ensure that you move along your path of self-discovery and personal development in a safe and supported way, guaranteeing you the results you desire through the use of outcomes-based metaphysics learning principles. We provide a learning stream where you get all the tools to achieve your best.

Come and join like-minded people who share your quest for understanding, meaning and purpose in all aspects of your life. Find out how you can recognize and overcome the patterns in life that continue to plague you. Discover how you can develop and use your spiritual gifts to help others. Learn how to connect with your true self and with the world around you!

Course Overview:

Introduction to Metaphysics
Metaphysics is the study of the underlying principles of life and the application of these principles in mastering our lives.

This is an amazing journey into self-discovery through building a solid foundation into metaphysical tools to support consciousness and growth in your life.

Module 1 is Self-Awareness.
Module 2 is Control of the Mind.
Module 3 is Energy Perception.
Module 4 is Intuitive Development.
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Choice of Physical Classes Available!
6months Jan – Aug :
starting 26th January – weekly class every Thursday – 09:00 to 14:00
12months Jan – Dec:
starting 29th January – bi-weekly Sundays in a month – 09:00 to 14:00

The classes are held at the Durban campus, at the Portal of Alchemy
Various instalment options available to students

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