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DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings

Precious hearts, as many of you know for some years now I have been offering individual readings with the Elders. These readings are intuitively based, and generally include an energy reading, chakra reading and clearing, implant and entity clearing, as well as a personalized transmission through accessing the universal Akasha.
I have been wanting to create a foundational platform to these readings, so that you, my precious friends and family, would be able to do similar readings on yourselves and others. And so, it gives me great pleasure to present the DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings manual that will take you deeper into the knowing of your magnificence and Light as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

The DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings is truly a wonderful way to effectively work with our 3D issues, judgments and negative beliefs as we embrace our full range of emotions and experience the 5D templatings, affirmations, and guided visualizations taking us ever deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

The DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings is both a simple and a smart system, based initially on working with seven numbers, and using the seven main chakras as a guide to the primary issues we are still working with within some area of our Life. All you need are seven pieces of paper with the numbers one to seven written on them. The numbers take all the guesswork out of what you may need to clear and energetically hold a like vibration to your body and energy field or the person for whom you may be doing the reading. In other words, you can never pick the wrong number. You then work with each of the seven primary chakras. Each of the seven chakras are identified by seven 3D negative feelings/holding patterns, and once you have chosen the primary issue related to each chakra, you start with the DNA Reprogramming. The DNA Reprogramming recodes the original Divine eight-cell blueprint with the 5D affirmations given for each chakra, as well as capping the two strand DNA with telomere, a protein-like substance that will hold this new belief permanently within the original Divine eight-cells. You then visualize an additional five pairs of etheric DNA making up your 12 Strand DNA, as you request an activation of the 5D affirmation within these virtual strands. Following this, you are provided with a series of twelve wonderful visualizations that you can work with for the completion of a specific reading.

Visualizations include: Implant and Entity Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Crystalline Sun DNA Templates Activation, Forgiveness and Divine Love Visualization, Healing Chambers of Light, Light Dimensions Attunement, Healing the Wounds of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Archetypes, Twin Flame Re-Union, Embrace of the Ego/inner Child, Accessing the Akashic Records and Past Lives, Cellular Clearing and aligning into the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and the Christ Consciousness Soul Purpose Activation. Additionally, you will receive a bonus on the affirmations created for the DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings.

The DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings is written in an easy to understand format, and includes a sacred space setting prior to the chakra readings. The chakra clearing work is also assisted by Isis and her beautiful Silver-Gold, Pink and Purple Healing Flame of Light.
This is truly a wonderful way to understand both the karmic path and the Christed Timelines, the pathway of Divine Love. I have started with a sample reading to give you an idea of how simple the DNA Reprogramming & Chakra Readings really are, and how you can do wonderful readings for yourselves and others.

This is truly an offering of Love my sweet friends and family, and I look forward to the possibility of sharing these wonderful tools and teachings with you so you may be able to do these beautiful readings on yourselves and others.
I look forward to having you onboard.
Blessings and much Love

Channelled by Anrita Melchizedek

Facilitated by Fiona Van Rensburg

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