Applied Energy Healing (aeh)

Applied Energy Healing (AEH) is a paradigm that integrates body, mind, and spirit in the journey toward wholeness.

It is rooted in the notion that while life traumas are a fact of life, they do not need to be a life
sentence. In fact, trauma can be healed with appropriate guidance and support and even become a significant tool for breeding emotional intelligence and social intelligence, while causing spiritual awakening and
evolution as a result of greater awareness.
In the counseling session I determine the root cause of any dis-ease, blockages and imbalances you may hold. I then heal, activate and integrate not only your 7 major chakra’s,
but also your higher chakra’s and the appropriate rays. It is vital that we take care of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to reach it’s optimum potential, for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Duration: 2 hours

(Available as a healing in person or remote healing via Skype)

Cancellation fee of R350 charged for appointments cancelled in less than 24 hours

To see the importance of this have a look at :

Multidimensional: Chakras

To all prospective Clients to the Portal of Alchemy?
Fiona is an amazing empath, intuit and healer. I can highly recommend her, as she has mastered of all the qualities that the Integrated Natural Health Practitioner should have. She works from the heart, in accordance with the Metatronic principles of integrity and impeccability, and her counseling skills are great!
Experiencing an AEH session with her is akin to rediscovery of Self, and connecting with your Soul Source, through her empathic and attentive spiritual counseling methods.
You cannot be in better hands
Dr. Deon van Aswegen