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Accessing The Akashic Records and Past Lives

In this guided visualization you are going to access the Akashic records and through this, your past lives or parallel realities that are converging into your current timeline. So, let us now set our sacred space, as we come together as One Unified Heart

You get an opportunity to access the Akashic Records with your Master Guides and Guardian Angel to reclaim some of the wonderful gifts that you can bring down and give to yourselves and to others.

An Akashic Record Holder explains to you that this place holds all knowledge from the past, the present and the future, and as there is no time line, no linear time frame within which knowledge exists, all past, present and future events exist simultaneously.

Devine Ray Healing

You are then taken with your Master Guides, your Guardian Angel and an Akashic Record Keeper to your Akashic Record Chamber. You find yourself inside a heavenly Chamber of Divine Love. The knowledge that is yours to access in Divine Love, and the willingness to take responsibility for your actions and re-actions, allows you to access your Akashic Records, sweet one. And within this Chamber of Love, all those rainbow creations, all those experiences you choose to rediscover yourself as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love, can be cleared in thought and vibration, if you no longer need to re-experience these events, and with the permission of your Higher Self of the Light. Anything you have done in the past, the present and the future that is not of the Light and is no longer necessary for you to re-experience can be sealed within this Chamber of Divine Love and rehabilitated so you again re-experience yourself as an open heart in this Golden Age of Light, in a deeper alignment into your original Divine blueprint and Soul’s purpose in this Now.

You get to ask that your Master Guides and Guardian Angel assist you as you look for your personal gift that you have brought with you to the earth plane in this current earthly incarnation, so you may have full remembrance of this issue or issues that you need to understand, integrate, accept and Love, in order to fully experience your magnificence and Light.

You get an opportunity to clear the issues that you’ve experienced in more than one lifetime which you choose to come heal in this current incarnation, now having the awareness and release yourself from this cycle. This issue or these issues may be experienced as loss or grief, or disempowerment, abandonment, or abuse, or betrayal, or lack of Self-Love, or not being seen or heard or appreciated, to name a few.

Once you overcome the fears or limitations, false belief systems or patternings that you have Self-created, there will be a happy outcome as you remain steadfast in the Light, walking the Pathway of Divine Love. You come into a deeper remembrance now, of how you have experienced and played out this gift in past lifetimes and parallel realities, and you are now ready to embrace and Love the aspects of yourself that have experienced this issue or issues through the pain body.

You are now given a sense as to exactly how you can work with this issue to achieve the wonderful outcome that you see before you, as your probable future selves appear in front of you to integrate this issue. They are showing you the way forward in trust and surrender and through forgiveness and Love ~ how you can experience this issue as your gift.

You then get an opportunity to open a doorway and enter into a Past Lifetime Chamber with your Master Guides and Guardian Angel and all other Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge. You now see yourself back in the particular lifetime that affects you most at this present time. You get to clear, heal, or understand the issues from a higher vantage point and move beyond it.

Also available within this Past Life Chamber, this beautiful Being of Light appears before you. This is your past Self of the Light that achieved Self-enlightenment and who is now guiding you in this timeline, in this Now, so you can once more achieve Self-Mastery. Wonderful, sweet one. As this past Self now merges with you, you experience a deep sense of knowing of how you can fulfill your service work in this Now.

This is a very powerful Past Life Regression where you get to experience and do so much more. It’s the next level.

It’s advisable that your Light Body/Merkaba has been activated before you do this journey, as within the Light Body Activation I activate your 3rd eye which will assist in following this guided session.

When you are ready for this, come see me.

Channelled by Anrita Melchizedek

Facilitated by Fiona Van Rensburg

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