Portal of Alchemy

Meet Fiona

- Alchemist - Starseed - Wayshower

Fiona has been a certified energy healer since Jan 2007 and in this dedicated chosen full time profession from 2010 to date, serving local and overseas communities with healings, activations, clearings, balancing totally transforming their lives.

Many attest that there is a clear difference of life before a session with Fiona and life after.

Clients that work with Fiona are from all over the world, in South Africa: she has clients in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Gauteng, and now the Western Cape in Africa: Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Congo, in Mauritius, Australia and New Zeeland, in Dubai and UAE, in UK and Guernsey, in Europe, India, Israel, Portugal, France, Germany, in USA: so far she has clients from Minnesota, North Carolina, Arizona, Virginia, California, Florida and in Canada, the more clients get to know what she does, and love how they feel after a session the more they refer their parents, siblings, children, friends to her.Over the years she has seen many who has been serious about their spiritual growth and development see the results for themselves.

The difference between Healing Heart Centre and Portal Of Alchemy is that at Healing Heart Centre we “Energetically helping you to release unwanted emotions, so you can live a joyful, fulfilled life”. Healing hearts one at a time from raw emotions experience during those testing times in our lives where things are not going as we anticipated it would. We help newly awakening individuals that realize something is different and can’t put their finger on it, usually saying that they’ve ended old friendship which they’ve outgrown, they don’t find the same enjoyment from certain things they use to in the past. They seeking advice on their life experiences, those in their beginning stages of their spiritual journey who feel lost, and those who would like to know how to change their lives but unsure how.

At Portal Of Alchemy we “Helping you release spiritual blocks and limitations. DNA and Light Body/Merkabah and Soul Purpose Activations” work with these Ascension tools from the various Mystery School Teachings to assist you in your spiritual evolution in self-mastery. The various activations assist in raising your vibration to the higher dimensional frequencies, energetically healing the body with increased frequencies of light, assisting those who would like to open up their 3rd eye and further develop their ESP abilities. We work with the various Rays, Sacred Geometry, Sound and Crystals. With her guidance you get an opportunity to access your Akashic records to bring forth your gifts and abilities as well as to the experiences of ascension and self-mastery in previous incarnations, parallel and alternate realities. Building of your I AM Avatar Bodies of light. Building your Multi-dimensional Bodies of Light. Merging with your Multi-dimensional selves from the 3D – 9D. 100 higher chakra downloads. Activating all the meridian lines for all the Multi-dimensional bodies. Merging with your Higher Selves of the Light. Developing a closer relationship with God the Source of all that is and your team of Light Beings working with you and through you assisting you in their service work and in your life, by aligning your will with the Will of the Divine. Collectively we can all do our part in anchoring the New Earth Templates in this Golden Age to the benefit of the generations to follow, if you feel yourself being one of these change makers, then this is for you.

My motto has always been: “Heal your Past, Live in the NOW and Dream your Future"

My Certifications and Qualifications

  • Galactic Name
  • Soul Name​
  • The Soul Group Name
  • The Galaxy Of Origin

Nan'kqin'anda (sounded Nanqwin Aahndah)

The Shining One who anchors in the Keys and Codes of the Divine Rays and that which pertains to the Ancient Rays who govern the cosmos and all of life, visible or invisible, as a transmitter soul for these – literally shining the Light so that others can see the way, as all the Shining Ones do.

The Shining Ones. 

Pleiades with Orion and Lyra and the Milky Way Galaxy and Neptune in this Solar System. As my Starseed heritage

Testimonials from Fiona’s Spiritual teachers:

Anrita Melchizedek: “Fiona is a wonderful intuitive healer and empath, and offers healing and Light activation sessions using Light frequency tools, healing rays, reiki and crystals. She is a master teacher and workshop facilitator, mother, Light worker and messenger of God ~ truly an amazing individual with incredible gifts and services”

Dr. Deon van Aswegen: “Fiona is an amazing empath, intuit and healer. I can highly recommend her, as she has mastered of all the qualities that the Integrated Natural Health Practitioner should have. She works from the heart, in accordance with the Metatronic principles of integrity and impeccability, and her counselling skills are great!  Experiencing an AEH session with her is akin to rediscovery of Self, and connecting with your Soul Source, through her empathic and attentive spiritual counselling methods. You cannot be in better hands.” 

In 2010 I took the leap of faith and left the security of work to go on my own. That was the best decision that I have ever made. Finally aligning my human part with my soul part being on the same path in the same direction. No more divided.”

  • Over the years as part of my healing journey, I attended many sweat lodges, underwent multiple Healing sessions through a wide variety of healing modalities, gone through stringent initiations that spirit put me through, done ceremonies, continually being upgraded.

  • As an Ennegram Type two personality, I realized why I cried, so much through my life, not only for me but also for others.… All in preparation of what I was meant to become, my most truest and authentic self.

  • Had to learn how to heal myself in order for one day when someone sits opposite me, for me to help them heal, because I’ve been there done that… I’ve personally healed from Trauma/Abuse/Death of a Loved one/Divorce/Heartache/Pain/ Sorrow/ Loss etc

  • Until I got to full acceptance and let go of my past and learned to move on…

I use my knowledge and experience of a variety of modalities with the assistance of my Spirit Teachers and Guides to effect personal transformation and healing in my clients.

Sessions with Fiona: At your first visit to Portal Of Alchemy, either online or in person, in your consultation with Fiona will document your personal spiritual history, as well as what you feel you spiritual blockages has been, up to where you find yourself now and your goals to what you would like to achieve in your sessions. She then connects with her Higher Self and her Guides, your Higher Self and your Guides and ask for Divine Guidance in where to start you off with and how to best help you. Always starting with what is priority in this Now moment. You will only receive the best care and attention from Fiona at all times.

Here at Portal of Alchemy, the very first thing that you experience is the vibration of love and total acceptance. Clients identify POA with the feeling of being at home, where they can openly share their emotions, be heard and understood. It is also a safe haven where people continually come to grow exponentially in their spirituality.  Many of clients can attest to feeling powerful healing energies moving through them in their online and in person sessions stating “oh wow, I’ve never experienced something like that before. I could feel the tingling in my body.”  Fiona has chosen to devote her life to teach the essence of universal Love, and to share her spiritual wisdom and gift of healing with others. 

After many years of working with Love and Light energies I can confidently say that it is my life purpose to assist all of those who are ready to achieve the change that they have been searching for by completely transforming their lives and ultimately becoming enlightened. All Beings of Light chose their experiences and lessons before incarnating on Planet Earth and I assist them in the understanding how it has all been for their greatest good by helping them truly blossom into spiritually strong individuals.

“My work ultimately helps you integrate into your Higher Light and into the universal Love that connects you to Mother/Father God, the Great Central Sun, the source of All That Is.”