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“Helping you release spiritual blocks and limitations. DNA and Light Body/Merkabah and Soul Purpose Activations.”

Fiona is a pioneering internationally Merkaba and DNA Activation Specialist, High Priestess, Speaker, Wayshower and Starseed Ambassador who is passionately committed to guiding Lightworkers, Starseeds, and spiritual seekers to discover the truth of their soul. In her activations sessions she uses sacred geometry, rays and light codes that transmit pure divine healing, and help those who are feeling disconnected from their higher selves, to re-align with their soul, be inspired, and recall their life purpose and reach their highest and greatest human potential.

Serving as a catalyst and spiritual teacher to assist others in discovering their highest gifts and greatest abilities and re-aligning to them to their authentic self is a passion for Fiona.

Fiona has been giving spiritual discourses at the various Spiritual Churches, Wellness Lifestyle Conferences, and she’s been interviewed by Stephan Hoffman SA, Helen Pengelly UK, and Tamara Caulder Richardson, Southern Belle Medium®, host of the Seeking Heaven Channel USA. Fiona’s articles have appeared in the Odyssey Magazine as well as Aneis de Vida Online Magazine.

"Heal your Past, Live in the Now and Dream your Future"

Why become a part of the Portal Of Alchemy?

When joining our Family of Old Souls and Starseeds, you continue along your journey of Self Mastery and Spiritual Advancement. If Greater Spiritual Development and Ascension is what you seek, then have a look at what journey I can guide you on.  


Journey Work By Fiona

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The difference between Healing Heart Centre and Portal Of Alchemy is that at Healing Heart Centre we “Energetically helping you to release unwanted emotions, so you can live a joyful, fulfilled life”. Healing hearts one at a time from raw emotions experience during those testing times in our lives where things are not going as we anticipated it would. We help newly awakening individuals that realise something is different and can’t put their finger on it, usually saying that they’ve ended old friendship which they’ve outgrown, they don’t find the same enjoyment from certain things they use to in the past. They seeking advice on their life experiences, those in their beginning stages of their spiritual journey who feel lost, and those who would like to know how to change their lives but unsure how.