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Heard about Light Body Activations March 2018

Heard about: Portal of Alchemy     Share Tweet +1 Forward Share Heard about Merkaba Activation? It is a state when you are totally aware. When your spiritual field is filled with love, light, joy and harmony😍 Your Merkaba or Light Body is awakened! This will give you the ability to unlock the 5th and 6th dimentions of your physical and spiritual form.                                                   Isn’t that amazing? I had my light body/mekaba activated in 2007 and since then I have been activating close to a 1000 of my clients light bodies from all over the world. This and the DNA Activations are my speciality treatments which leave almost every client with “oh wow I’ve never experienced something like that before” after an activation. SO WHAT EXACTLY IS A MERKABA? “The word comes from Hebrew. It means chariot or vehicle of light that can move
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Exciting new services added to my product range – April 2018

Exciting new services added to my product range: Fiona at the Portal of Alchemy     Share Tweet +1 Forward Share The most asked question Some say I have so much offer, which is great, however how on earth does one choose what to come for first. And my answer is simple, trust your intuition, that which talks loudest to you, or if you don’t know, but feel drawn to come, you don’t need to know for what to make the appointment for, just make the 2 hour appointment.  That is what my consultation is designed for, to gather what it is that I’m Divinely guided to do for you. Some of the products follow on one another, some you may need a few of, some are once off’s. You can go as deeply as you are comfortable with your own spiritual growth
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