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HOW A DNA ACTIVATION CAN BENEFIT YOU – INTRODUCTION ON CRYSTALLINE SUN DNA TEMPLATES Our DNA, these “double serpent” helix strands, is to be found in the nucleus of every cell of our body. And we have approximately one hundred trillion (100 000 000 000 000) cells in our body!   The nucleus or core of each cell contains all the information necessary to create our entire body and all our differentiated cells. In fact, if the DNA strands in the nucleus of every cell of our body were stretched end to end, it would be over 125 billion miles long! Furthermore, this chemically encoded information would be enough to cover over seventy-five thousand pages of written text!   We have forty-six chromosomes in our body, which come in twenty-three pairs made up of over 30 000 active genes. These genes each have
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Metaphysical Courses

Metaphysical Courses – Good day to youWork Anniversary June 2016 at Portal of Alchemy Fiona van Rensburg is celebrating a work anniversary Owner of the Portal of Alchemy 6 years now during June 2016. “I feel blessed to live my passion and share my gift of healing with you. I am doing what I came here to do in the first place, to contributing my part in the awakening process. Thank you to each and every client I have ever seen over the 6 years. YOU have the ability to transform yourself, your life, I’m just the facilitator, shining my light in the areas you need most. I’m looking forward to all the repeat and new clients I am yet to meet. I absolutely love my work as it gives me such great soul satisfaction.” I’ve attended the Psychic and Holistic Festival at
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Aneis de Vida June Issue

Click on link below to see my article in this month’s magazine. An array of interesting articles , Delicious Vegan recipes, and Humour to brighten your day. Enjoy reading the month of June’s Issue. Aneis de Vida June Issue
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