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Ashtar Speaks: “Update on September 2013”

In September 2013, you will experience a big leap forward in your consciousness which will confirm all that we have told you. Since many are still in doubt and require more information about this jump we are happy to address this issue once more. Your Ascension is a process – you are going through a growth period. You are learning much, clearing away old baggage and returning to your original state – as f…ully conscious Beings of Light. You have imposed upon yourselves the current limitations in order to experience your 3D illusion. However, your soul is yearning for your return home and, therefore, the game on your world is very close to its expiry date. There is still a way to go until you reach your goal of full Ascension but we hasten to add that this time is really short, even in
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Super Venus Action

On Thursday we have a Full Moon and on Sunday we have Spring Equinox. Herewith some interesting articles about this auspicious time. There is tremendous magic afoot, rewarding those who commit to their passion and purpose, and say Yes to putting in the focus, hard work and devotion required to get results. SUPER VENUS ACTION: Over the next 24 hours, several planetary alignments involving VENUS, bode very well for how we will feel and the action we take in our everyday lives. Have you noticed an upturn in your energy since the weekend? The slower sluggish, almost painful physical bodies are giving way to an inner optimism. Our physical bodies have gone through what can only be explained as ‘upgrades’ these past few weeks, now the renewed energy fields we emit from soul are taking over. It is vital that with this new energy
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